Class ReversalIndependentDistance

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    PermutationDistanceMeasurer, PermutationDistanceMeasurerDouble

    public final class ReversalIndependentDistance
    extends Object
    implements PermutationDistanceMeasurer

    This class implements the concept of a reversal independent distance measure. This is relevant if the permutation and its reverse have the same problem dependent interpretation.

    In this case, this class computes the minimum of distance(p1,p2) and distance(p1,reverse(p2)) for a given distance measure passed as a parameter to the constructor.

    • Constructor Detail

      • ReversalIndependentDistance

        public ReversalIndependentDistance​(PermutationDistanceMeasurer d)
        Constructs a distance measure for measuring distance with reversal independence, such that distance = min { distance(p1,p2), distance(p1,reverse(p2)) }
        d - A distance measure.
    • Method Detail

      • distance

        public int distance​(Permutation p1,
                            Permutation p2)
        Measures the distance between two permutations, with reversal independence: distance = min { distance(p1,p2), distance(p1,reverse(p2)) }
        Specified by:
        distance in interface PermutationDistanceMeasurer
        p1 - first permutation
        p2 - second permutation
        distance between p1 and p2
        IllegalArgumentException - if p1.length() is not equal to p2.length().